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Real Estate Agent Spain

Many people do not know exactly what professional rules apply to estate agents in Spain.

The profession of real estate agent has different names in Spain, the most common being agente inmobiliaria or in English real estate agent and property agent. The name says that they are agents or intermediaries.

There are also professional groups of real estate agencies in Spain. CRS, SIRA or API are well-known names. Members of these groups have received training and diplomas, must have several years of experience in the profession and must promise to comply with the ethical rules of the union. In 2015 I started the Certified Real estate Specialist (CRS) training. In 2016 I obtained the recognition of CRS.

At the end of 2016, the American Realtor ® quality mark was introduced in Spain under the name Spanish International Realty Alliance (SIRA). I immediately joined SIRA and successfully completed the required training.

Two recognitions from Spanish trade associations, code of ethics and an extensive network of real estate agents throughout Spain are open to me. All for my customers, because in the end you do it to offer your customer the best.