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The real estate agent

In the province of Málaga, four new real estate agencies open their doors every day - and another two close every day as well. By the end of the week ten new competitors are added. One might ask himself whether that amount is needed. The Spanish housing market is in the lift. More new houses are being built, and sales of existing homes increase by 10% per annum. Logically, more real estate agents are needed. But the increase in the number of real estate agencies is not in line with the rise in the market. This does not benefit the sector.

Because there is a lot of competition, many offices do not survive their first half year. Unfortunately, we often hear that a real estate agent does not take action, does not respond to e-mails, or even worse, that the office is suddenly closed. Imagine that you offer your Spanish property for sale. You leave the keys and your trust with an agent and you return to your permanent home address. After a few months, the broker that you had contracted seems to have disappeares. A drama that you would prefer to avoid.

It may not be easy to choose a good and reliable broker from the large number of real estate agencies. A professional broker has experience, knows the local market and knows how the Spanish rules work. You only need one agent. Ask for the agent´s training and sales experience. It is very common to ask for a reference and to check it.

During an introductory conversation with one of our agents, we will always listen to your reason to sell, and you receive information about the current situation on the housing market.

At the office of Megens Real Estate, there are currently four agents. Many home sellers come to us through word-of-mouth: a satisfied customer is the best that can happen to any business. We work on the Costa del Sol: The coastline from Benalmadena to Estepona, with Marbella as the central point. For more information about selling your house, or a free valuation we are happy to answer your questions and give relevant information.



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